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DH Geda Export, licensed under DH Geda Flour Factory Plc., was established in 2013 in hopes of venturing into agro commodities export in Ethiopia. DH Geda Export is run by DH Geda Family, who own several local factories involved in construction, textile and food industries. DH Geda Export is engaged in exporting the best quality Coffee, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Spices by sourcing from the most reliable vendors of the domain. We efficiently procure clean, process, pack and ship to any location in the world.

Why DH Geda Export



Exploit abundant experience in providing premium service to clients from all walks of life
Apply Own financial strength coupled with ample bank loan facility to procure large quantities of produce due to our commendable financial track records in all other industrial sectors DH Geda is involved in
Practice knowledge based service backed by experts in procuring, cleaning, processing, storing and shipping agricultural produce
Utilize its physical existence in all parts of Ethiopia in promoting distinctive local produce to the rest of the world
Leverage from the vast network DH Geda has built over the years in managing its several industrial sectors to play a vital role in achieving success to source local produce and supply to the rest of the world
Organic produce with natural smell and taste
Free from water contamination
Free from weevil infestation
Fit for human consumption
Authentic taste from one of the cradle of human race, Ethiopia
Impressive track record in retaining satisfied long term loyal clients by supplying quality commodities at a very competitive price
Strong supply network of Coffee, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Spices throughout Ethiopia assisting in prompt delivery and quality consistency.
Timely delivery of shipments and proactive communication and follow-up to serve our clients until delivery is executed.

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Email: d.h.ged@ethionet.et

DH Geda Flour Factory Plc.

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